• We offer 4 spacious, state-of-the-art focus group rooms, a dedicated video-conferencing room, and a one-of-a-kind specialized test-kitchen.

 • Each room offers fiber optic Wi-Fi and hard-line internet connections at speeds in excess of 100 mb/s for researchers, clients, and respondents. So whether you need high speed access for site testing and internet usability studies or merely wish to stay in touch with the world while you are observing groups, we will provide you with the fastest, highest quality data transmission available at no extra charge.

 • Dual High-Definition Video and Audio capabilities in each room, managed via our state-of-the-art Video Control Center. Allows for crystal clear visuals and crisp audio playback with post-recording video zoom capabilities.

 • High-definition in house live video streaming capabilities

   • Ability to deliver session recording through DVD, High-Definition DVD, and .mp4 file type through USB drive and e-mail


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