With an expansive list of services and extensive amenities, Taylor Research offers quantitative and qualitative market research options that can be tailored to projects of any scope. Our state-of-the-art  research facility ensures a pleasant and productive environment for conducting focus groups. As a leader among Southern California market research companies, we proudly lend our skills, assistance and expertise to the following services.


    Project and Field Management


    One of the many ways Taylor Research stands out from other data collection companies is by offering Project Management that is scalable to your needs. We manage and coordinates as little or as much support as you may need. Our experienced team offers national coverage and exceptional knowledge in all methodologies. When you need real value, real solutions, creative ideas and proactive problem resolution, our  Project Management Team know how to deliver.


    Taylor Research Project Management Team will:


    • Manage any methodology or combination of methodologies anywhere in the US.

     • Provide one point of contact for all of your study needs.

     • Coordinate pricing of all study components.

     • Schedule and confirm your project.

     • Manage all field sites

     • Manage data processing.

     • Provide daily project updates and maintain regular client communication throughout the study.

     • Provide back end deliverables such as cross tabulations as well as ASCII, SPSS, SAS and Excel formats.


    Experts in managing studies consisting of the following methodologies:


    • Focus Groups, Pre-Recruits, Central Location Tests, Home Use Tests, IDI's, Taste Tests, and more.

     • Mock Juries with video needs in all deliberation rooms.

     • CATI - Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing.

     • Internet surveys

     • Any combination of qualitative and/or quantitative methodologies.

     • Our Project Management Team will develop and coordinate all study materials, including but not be    limited to:

     ◦ Screener development

     ◦ Supervisor instructions

     ◦ Respondent instructions

     ◦ Consent forms

     ◦ Client questionnaires

     ◦ Quota sheets

     ◦ Product use instructions

     ◦ Tally sheets

     ◦ Respondent profiles

     ◦ Monitoring and validation forms

     ◦ Custom reports

     ◦ Respondent packets

     ◦ Briefing materials

     ◦ Data file layouts

     ◦ Mapping

     ◦ And more...


    Taylor Research Project Management team will handle all the technology required as well:


    • Data entry

     • Transcription

     • Specification writing for programming

     • Programming

     • Testing of all electronic questionnaires

     • Data deliverables

    For superior project management from initiation to completion, Taylor Research is the answer.



    Qualitative Research


    Taylor Research is an ideal location for hosting market research focus groups and performing qualitative research. We offer services and space for one-on-one interviews, dyads and triads, ethnographies, tele-depths, user-testing and more.


    Our reliable recruiting ensures quality candidates for simple or complex studies, while a comfortable environment fosters insightful conversations and valuable data.


    Additionally, our facilities are equipped with the latest technology, ensuring you’ll have the most cutting-edge research and focus group resources at your disposal. Our state-of-the-art facility has flat screen monitors, secure WIFI, audio and video recording, copying and printing services, and video streaming.


    Contact us today to learn more about Taylor's qualitative market research services and website usability lab, or to check conference room availability and request an estimate.


    Quantitative Research


    If your project requires quantitative research methodologies, our knowledgeable and experienced staff is happy to provide custom planning and project design. Utilizing flexible, in-house programming, we can help determine methodology, develop questionnaires, recruit respondents, execute the study, collect the data and even report your market research findings.


    Contact us today to learn more about our flexible quantitative research services.


    Cutting Edge Usability Testing Tools


    If you need to conduct usability testing on your website, mobile app or any other interactive product, Taylor Research has cutting edge tools to give you the crucial insights you need.


    To provide clients with state-of-the-art user testing, Taylor Research has some of the most innovative technologies in the industry. This means that when you come to our usability lab, you’ll have the best tools at your disposal to observe and evaluate how users interact with your product.


    It starts with eye tracking, which lets you enter the minds of your consumers by learning how they visually navigate your design. This provides vital, easy-to-understand data that is often missed by other testing methods.


    This data is then combined with information about users’ hand movements, facial reactions and body language to give you a clear picture of how potential consumers interact with your product and how that interaction could be improved.


    Our usability lab is ideal for testing websites, kiosks, hand-held devices, interactive software and more, and an experienced, client-friendly technician is always on-site to ensure that your research progresses smoothly.


    Convenient and Modern Facilities


    In addition to state of the art usability testing tools, Taylor's convenient, modern facility will ensure that your usability research is productive and stress free.


    The space is comfortably furnished, which encourages higher response rates and better participant interactions, and are also equipped with all the resources you’ll need: Wi-Fi, video and audio recording capabilities, touch panel displays, flat screen monitors, video streaming, copy and printing services and more.


    Furthermore, our facility can comfortably accommodate projects of any size, from large groups, to dyads and triads, to one-on-one interviews.


    And ample free parking will save both you and your participants from the hassle of meters and parking garages.


    If you need user testing for you next market research project, please contact us to check our availability and to request an estimate.


    We’ll Find the Right Respondents


    As an industry leader and the number one rated market research company in San Diego, Taylor offers the freshest recruiting database on the market. Totally proprietary and continuously updated, our database includes both local and national research participants, as well as an active group of medical professionals and physicians.


    Years of experience, skill and dedication make our focus group recruiting team one of the best in the market research business, ensuring the right respondents for your unique project. We can even provide an experienced focus group moderator, should you require one. At Taylor Research, it’s our goal to create an enjoyable, informative and stress-free research experience for our clients. Our seasoned team of market research consultants has the knowledge and know-how to make things effortless. From managing the recruiting process to conducting focus groups and overseeing on-site activity, we’ll keep your project on track, working hard to ensure an experience that’s not just enlightening, but enjoyable too.


    For more information on consumer, medical and B2B recruiting, contact us today.


    Unsurpassed Central Location Testing


    For projects that require face-to-face interviews, product tests or in-depth surveys, Taylor Research offers the largest central location testing suite in Southern California. We can accommodate up to 46 participants per session behind 20" touch screen computers classroom style, or up to 70+ participants, theatre style, in our Torrey Pines room . Our La Jolla room can accommodate 33 classroom style and 50+ theatre style.


    We’re an ideal choice for large surveys, such as mock trials or testing. Each of our rooms is spacious, comfortable and modern, encouraging higher response rates and better results during long or difficult surveys.


    Additionally, we’re the only market research company in San Diego with a state-of-the-art test kitchen, offering an ideal space for taste tests and can even offer an attached prep room for convenient product storage or detached client viewing. Our kitchen is equipped with plenty of counter space, large reach-ins, and top-of-the-line appliances.


    To learn more about our central location testing services, explore our facilities or contact our team today.


    Delivering Strategic Insights for Clients of any Size


    Sharpening a marketing strategy or developing brand communication takes careful assessment and close attention to your consumers’ feedback. Taylor’s local and national analysts are experts at evaluating research data and planning strategic research design—ensuring that your key findings are right on target.


    For key information and the strategic insights you seek, turn to Taylor’s expert market research consultants. We’re experienced in virtually every market segment, and can offer valuable insight regarding research assessment and optimization, brand communications, new product development, usability testing and shopper marketing.


    Contact us to learn more.

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