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Participant Recruitment

Unmatched Quality Recruitment for Over 65 Years

Quality Matters

We understand that the quality of the recruits can make or break your study.  That’s why, with over 60 years in the industry, Taylor Research has been the trusted go-to company for consistent quality results.

Our highly trained and experienced project managers will maintain a responsive open-line of communication and provide the guidance necessary to see your project through to a successful completion. Our recruiting team, most of which have over 20 years each in the industry, possess the unique ability to provide you with top-tier respondents that will fit your ideal criteria.

Maintaining quality control during the recruiting process directly correlates with the outcome and success of the research objectives.  We have fail-safe methods to ensure recruits truly fit the ideal profile outlined by our client, including:

  • Recording and monitoring all of our calls
  • Using a dual-verification process when screening potential recruits
  • Cross-referencing and validating individual response data with previously collected panelist data
  • Following up recruiting calls with confirmation e-mails/calls and conducting multiple reminder calls/e-mails
  • Experienced and communicative management over-seeing the recruit from start to finish

Any Respondent, Anywhere 

We maintain a large, proprietary panelist database that is well-engaged and contains rich panelist profiles. Our panel represents a wide swath of socioeconomic segments, giving us the ability to recruit for consumer, medical and B2B studies, as well as tackle low-incidence, hard to find recruits.

From what we hear from our clientele on a regular basis, we consistently out-perform our competitors when it comes to the quality of our recruits, among other things. Word-of-mouth in combination with our reputation is our key marketing tool and our ability to deliver consistent quality results keeps our clients coming back.